Because the optimal use of Mr. Pams’ products is to apply them by directly spraying onto surfaces.

Indeed, that is absolutely correct. You must first add the concentrate, then top it up with tap water, without high water pressure to avoid excessive foaming.

Each sprayer has a concentration percentage indicator according to the product used, be it Universal, Multi-Grease, or Calcium-Lime.

If you wish to pre-dilute the product in a larger container before filling the sprayer, that is entirely feasible. However, you will thus not need to dilute it in the sprayer.

This is very straightforward, as each product has a distinctive colour. Mr. Pams Universal is yellow, Mr. Pams Multi-grease is blue, and Mr. Pams Calcium-Lime is red. Additionally, there is a reminder of the colours and dosages for each of the three products on the sprayer’s label.

Yes, you can merely purchase bottles of concentrate, which are always sold in pairs.

Indeed, you gain a significant advantage, as you benefit from an additional 5% discount for six bottles of the same product, or 10% for twelve bottles of the same product. You are also entitled to a complimentary accessory of your choice from six bottles, and from twelve bottles, three complimentary accessories of your choice.

On each product page of the website, all the recommended accessories for the product in question are displayed.

Yes, from six bottles of the same product, or from twelve bottles of the same product.

Absolutely not, whether concentrated or diluted in water, they remain stable over time.

Mr. Pams Universal is a product that does not require rinsing, and has a unique dosage equivalent to 10% concentrate and 90% water. There is no need to add more concentrate, and there is no risk to surfaces that can withstand water contact.

These two products require rinsing and have an optimal dosage of 20% concentrate and 80% water. They can be dosed more when the situation requires it. They can be used on hundreds of different surfaces, but you must carefully read the bottle labels for exceptions.

Certainly, you are at liberty to use Mr. Pams products in conjunction with your own accessories. However, the accessories presented have been specifically designed to provide you with an optimal level of comfort and ease of use, as well as effective product identification with the labelled sprays.

Indeed, the Foam Brush is exclusively designed for use with Mr. Pams Universal. Its purpose is to clean fibre-based materials such as armchairs, as well as vertical surfaces. Once the product is foamed, it adheres better to the walls, allowing for an effective action time. The product will also flow less quickly than if it were sprayed with the sprayer.

There will be no major damage, but you will have an excessive amount of foam, and it will overflow from the machine.

No, Mr Pams Red Shower is a product that should only be used on wet skin, following the usage instructions provided on the product page of the website www.misterpams.com

You may contact us at any time via this email: info@misterpams.com, and we will respond within 48 hours.

Mr. Pams Universal can be used directly on surfaces that come into contact with foodstuffs, as it leaves no deposits or residues, provided the instructions on the website are thoroughly read. However, it is not suitable for cleaning kitchen utensils. Mr. Pams Multi-Grease and Mr Pams Calcium-Lime can be used on surfaces that come into contact with foodstuffs, provided they are thoroughly rinsed, or finished with Mr Pams Universal.

They should be stored away from light, and extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

Indeed, it is perfectly suitable.

There is no need to use a fabric softener with Mr. Pams Laundry, not only to avoid wastage but also for long-term health considerations.

Yes, indeed, one can employ it diluted or undiluted, and most importantly, allow it to work for at least 20 minutes before placing the laundry into the washing machine.

They are specifically designed to allow you the least effort and to guarantee you a comfort of use with Mr. Pams’ products.

Absolutely, either directly and then wipe with a always dry cloth. Or indirectly by wetting the cloth and frequently changing the side of the cloth

The Multi-purpose orange is very suitable for recurrent cleaning tasks on difficult surfaces. The finish plus cloth is particularly recommended for cleaning finishes on very delicate surfaces.

Absolutely, the dosage can be reduced (<10%) when you use this kind of devices.

A single sprayer can ensure household cleaning for a week, but if the surfaces are large, the number can be 3 or more sprayers per week. This makes daily maintenance extremely economical.

It is not recommended to scrub, but to let the product work for several minutes.

It is not recommended to scrub, but to let the product work for several minutes. You can use the green scrubber after the action time when the dirt is tough.

In most cases, it is not recommended to scrub, but to let the product work. In some cases, you can use the white scrubber or the green scrubber (without strong pressure) to speed up the removal of dirt.

Yes, it is even recommended for two reasons. The first is the freshness that the product leaves on the carpet or rug. The second, the product will crystallize the dirt, and make it easier to vacuum. Therefore, you will have a deep cleaning of your carpets when you let the product work and finish with the vacuum once the surface has become dry.

In a large majority of cases, thanks to the high quality of the ingredients, it manages to eliminate several odors. Please note, it should be noted that difficult odor cases may require cleaning several times to permanently eliminate the bad odor.

All Mr. Pams products can be employed in all existing professional sectors, significantly simplifying your maintenance.

Indeed, they are particularly suitable when there are large varieties of materials, from the most delicate to the most robust. They are quickly understood and accepted by the cleaning teams who save a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Quite correct, especially Mr. Pams Universal, which has an anti-dust effect, and reduces the frequency of cleaning, thus the costs.

Minimal or no effort is required to clean with Mr. Pams’ products. The example of Mr. Pams Universal encapsulates the response well, as cleaning with this product involves merely two steps: Spray and Wipe, that’s all.

Indeed, Mr. Pams’ products eliminate a vast majority of stains across various materials. Exceptions are stains resulting from discoloration, dyeing, or chemical reactions with another product that may have altered the surface structure.

You can utilize Mr. Pams Calcium-Lime for your appliances, to keep them perpetually pristine. It eradicates limescale and tartar, and while not being a disinfectant in the strictest sense, it significantly sanitizes inaccessible areas for cleaning. For dosage, always refer to the website or the label of the concentrated bottle.

Mr. Pams’ products are not suitable for dishwasher cleaning, however, there are two tips to know : Mr. Pams Multi-Grease can be sprayed onto dirty dishes inside the dishwasher, acting as a washing additive. Your dishes are exceptionally well cleaned and your machine remains immaculate. Mr. Pams Universal can be used in place of rinse aid, and it neutralizes all the harmful effects of dishwasher tablets, which for some, can leave residues on the dishes.

They are organized by problem-solving rather than by surface area. Each of Mr. Pams’ products can be utilized for dozens, even hundreds, of applications, making these products exceedingly delightful to use and incredibly convenient on a daily basis. That’s the advantage with Mr. Pams, making things as simple and as enjoyable as possible for all the cleaning hassles whether you’re an individual or a business.

No, you need to buy a kit 1 time to receive your Mr. Pams Invite Link (your contacts click on this link to get a 10% Word-of-Mouth discount on their first order). Every time your contacts order Mr. Pams, we will send you $5 per bottle…even if you do not place any orders with Mr. Pams. But you will probably keep using Mr. Pams because you will love it more than other cleaning products on the market.

Once you become a client, you naturally become a part of Mr. Pams Reward Programme, gaining personalized access to all your order histories, as well as those of the individuals with whom you have shared your discount code. This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

When you place your first order via clicking on a word-of-mouth discount link sent from an existing customer of Mr. Pams, then you get 10 % off on your first order.

Added Benefit : You earn 5 dollars for each bottle purchased by individuals using your own discount code or link, with no limit in terms of amount or time.

Absolutely, you can embark on a successful sales career with Mr. Pams. For this, you can write to the following email address: chrobert@misterpams.com

No, it is no trick. You do not have to buy any inventory, and yes we will pay you $5 per bottle every time the person you introduced to Mr. Pams makes a purchase of Mr. Pams concentrate, for life!

You only need to introduce Mr. Pams to your contact one time, and you will always get paid by us whenever that contact makes a purchase of Mr. Pams concentrate.

Indeed, this reward of $5 applies to all Mr. Pams products without exception: Mr. Pams Universal, Mr. Pams Calcium-Lime, Mr. Pams Multi-Grease, Mr. Pams Laundry, Mr. Pams Red Shower.

Here at Mr Pams, we adhere to a comprehensive privacy policy. None of your information is disseminated, conveyed or sold to anyone. This equally applies to all your contacts who have become customers…to whom you have forwarded your Word-of-Mouth link, or owner code.

Mr Pams Universal does not alter the original appearance of the cleaned surfaces. Mr Pams Multi-Grease and Mr. Pams Calcium-Lime should be rinsed or finished with Mr. Pams Universal for optimal results.

Absolutely, all of Mr. Pams’ products are biodegradable.

No, it is a product for long-term health preservation.

Absolutely not, it can be employed without any risk, while adhering to the recommended dosage on our website or on the label of the concentrated bottle.

The other products also do not belong to any toxicity class.

It is absolutely not dangerous and can be used with complete safety. As a general rule, the principle of precaution should be applied, which a child does not know how to use, and must follow the instructions of their parents who have read the label of the concentrated bottle.

We have very tangible feedback from our customers who share their joy, particularly regarding the quality of their skin and the great sense of well-being after use.

In principle, it is exceedingly rare to use gloves with Mr. Pams’ products, as one is seldom in contact with the product (Spray method + cloth). Furthermore, Mr. Pams universal product is neutral. The other products in the range are also diluted and do not have a harmful effect on the hands. Nevertheless, for personal hygiene concerns, it is recommended to wear gloves when cleaning toilets.

Everything is a matter of dosage, just like with food. To date, no Mr. Pams product has an allergenic effect when used under the normal conditions recommended in the instructions. If a person already has an allergic history, it is advised to test a product from the range or to use gloves.