WoM link versus a Sales Agent Link

A Word-of-Mouth link is given to anybody (business or consumer) who buys Mr. Pams bottles at the Mr. Pams website. Each person (business or consumer) gets their own WoM link that is unique to them.

They (business or consumer) can share their WoM link with anybody (business or consumer). And whenever anybody (business or consumer) buys Mr. Pams bottles from the Mr. Pams website, $5 per bottle is paid to whoever owns the WoM link that was used to purchase Mr. Pams bottles on the website.

Whoever owns that WoM link will always get $5 per bottle (even on all repeat orders).

A sales agent link is only for sales agents and is free (no purchase has to be made by the sales agent). A sales agent link is better than a WoM link because a sales agent link pays more (20%) than a WoM link ($5 per bottle). The sales agent can share his/her link with anybody (business or consumer) and the sales agent will always get 20% (even on all repeat orders). By using a sales agent link to register or a WoM link, the customer (business or consumer) gets 10% off on their first order.

The reason sales agents make more commission is because all the people (business or consumer) who purchase via a sales agent link are clients of that sales agent, a sales agent is like an account manager for all the people who used his/her sales agent link to place orders at the Mr. Pams website.

Whether you send a sales agent link or a WoM link to a person (business or consumer), that person only needs to register once after clicking on the link you sent them. After they are registered on MrPams.com, they can make a purchase any time directly at the website (they do not have to use your link every time to purchase Mr. Pams bottles) because the website will remember them and whose link they used to register at MrPams.com, so the website will know who owns that link (either a consumer or sales agent) and who is supposed to get the $5 per bottle or the 20% commission via PayPal.