It was during a vacation in March of 2022 by a small group of American friends to Europe and more particularly to Geneva, Switzerland, that the history of Mr. Pams USA began.

One night, a member of this small group, Robert Choudhry, was with his friends in a restaurant in Geneva. The evening was going well, everyone was having a good time, there was an amazing atmosphere, the kind that we all appreciate when we share a new journey with friends or family. It just so happened that a member of this small group, Peter, had a splattering accident of both sauce and wine on his shirt and pants.


The kind server arrived and saw that Peter was upset, so the server offered to remove the sauce and wine stains instantly. The other guests at the dining table, including Robert, were amazed to see that all the stains vanished without a trace. The server had applied a yellow product with the name Mr. Pams, using a spray gun, and wiped away all the stains without rinsing. The shirt and pants were back to looking new! Peter was very happy and thankful!

Seeing the amazing results of Mr. Pams, Robert went and asked the server to share more information about this amazing product. The server explained that it is a Swiss product named Mr. Pams that has existed there for 50 years and which is used for all types of cleaning. Robert loved the Mr. Pams product and decided that he must contact the manufacturer.

Robert found the company that makes this magical Swiss product, and really liked the kindness and humility of the owner, who received him in his office, and shared with Robert all the daily cleaning challenges that the Mr. Pams products are able to solve as well as other little-known secrets. The owner also, during an improvised field trip, introduced Robert to several customers of Mr. Pams living in Switzerland and France, who have been faithful customers for 3 generations.


Robert asked him why is it that Mr. Pams is not sold anywhere else in the world. Robert will always remember the owner’s reply:

 “Mr. Pams is all about proving its reputation by one customer at a time and growing by word-of-mouth…not by fancy marketing campaigns. Mr. Pams sees its loyal customers as family who will always receive our utmost respect and attention because Mr. Pams exists only because of them.”

Moved by such sincerity and above all excited about the idea of an American project which had started to germinate in his mind, Robert offered the owner to come to the United States to let American consumers discover his products since the Mr. Pams products are unique and nothing like them exist in the US market.

People in the US market are conditioned to have multiple cleaning products in their supply closets. Mr. Pams is on a mission to positively revolutionise the cleaning habits of the American people, making cleaning much simpler while saving water and, above all, being fun to use. And from there was born the incredible story of Mr. Pams in the USA with the Mr. Pams art of doing as much as possible with the minimum.

The owner of Mr. Pams had his first ever trip to the United States in March of 2023, and he found his time in America to be amazing and epic. The owner, not being fluent in speaking English, as he is a French speaker, had the help of Robert to communicate in English, so the owner took his demonstration suitcase and the pair began to wander the streets of Grand-Rapids in Michigan, and visit people and businesses.

Despite some rejections in the first few days, the pair managed to make their first customers. One visit that stands out:

During a stop at a potential customer’s business, as the pair demonstrated the cleaning power of Mr. Pams to the owner (his current cleaning products were not able to clean car wheels to his satisfaction), not only was the owner really impressed, a customer of his who happened to see Mr. Pams in action, asked the pair to come outside to her car and use Mr. Pams on shoe marks on the back of her driver’s seat. She explained that she has been trying for almost 2 years to remove the shoe marks and has tried every product she could find at all the stores but nothing worked. The owner of Mr. Pams sprayed Mr. Pams directly onto the shoe marks and then used the Mr. Pams foam brush on the shoe marks. All the shoe marks were gone! The lady was so amazed and happy, she wanted to buy Mr. Pams too and asked the pair to make a date to come to her home and show/demo for her friends!

Since the reception on this trip was so positive, the pair decided to open the first office in America for Mr. Pams. There are so many towns and cities in America to locate our office but Ionia was chosen on the advice of Robert.


Robert explained to the owner that Ionia is a totally safe town, day and night, and also because that’s where he has so many good memories growing up since his parents came to Ionia in 1983, and he loves Ionia, and he wants to start the American journey of, and make memories for, Mr. Pams in Ionia. The owner agreed to this advice, as he had stayed in Ionia for more than a week and found Ionia to be a charming little town.

This is how Mr. Pams came to America and why the pair opened Mr. Pams at 112 West Riverside Drive in Ionia, Michigan. From then on, Robert and Mourad (trade name owner) have become inseparable friends and happy partners in business.

We at Mr. Pams have integrated a unique reward programme into our business. This new development has a story behind it as well. Robert started working on his own idea/start-up in October of 2012 that was meant to benefit all the good families of America by doing something unique in the world (it would share its revenue with its own customers). But after working on it for a few years, Robert decided to put his idea/start-up on hold because it was far too much work for him to do alone, he needed a large team of people to help him build a big, reliable and trustworthy business. He could not build it by himself.

Robert told this story to the owner and thought it would be a good idea for the owner to use a different version of the same idea which Robert had planned to use in his own venture years ago. It would create brand loyalty, grow the business and also benefit America.

 Our innovative reward programme, specially designed by Robert, was created to help families across America by providing them with extra income every month. Not only do all our customers enjoy an environmentally safe, superb quality Swiss product, they can also enjoy extra income for their families.

This is how MR PAMS CLEANING CONCEPT LLC started its fantastic American adventure!